If you, or someone you care about, use talcum powder for genital cleansing for at least four years and are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, please contact the law firm to consult your claim for free and confidentially. However, we need to review specific cases to determine their eligibility.

Is there a Statute of the Limits of Talcum Powder?

The statute of limitations differs for each claim, mainly based on the state of residence, circumstances of use (if different), when talcum powder cancer is diagnosed and when you know there may be a correlation with powder.

However, we need to review specific cases to determine their eligibility. Therefore, we urge you to contact us immediately so that we can ensure to bring your claim on time.

How long can the powder of talcum powder be needed to overcome?

Litigation is still in its infancy, so this has not been determined. The timeline for this type of litigation varies greatly.

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Some cases can be completed in one year, while others can last for more than ten years. In general, these cases usually take several years to complete.

A number of factors influence compensation for this claim, including, but not limited to, type of powder, duration of use, the severity of the injury, age, health before cancer and condition of residence.

There have only been a few bellwether trials in this litigation, so we cannot provide estimation estimates for these cases. In addition, each claim will differ based on the patient, the severity of their injury and the circumstances in which they live.