Amazon Kindle Fire was announced at a press event. There was a long-time rumor that Amazon wants to release a color tablet. Many thought it would be called a color Kindle. Previous Kindle models over e-book readers and comes in grayscale instead of color. They are also limited in functionality, as there is no web browser and are mainly used to download and read books and magazines kindle. While they have an Internet connection, without the browser you cannot go online.

Kindle Fire is a completely different product and is based around the popular Google Android operating system. Android first started as an OS for mobile phones, but recently graduated to run on tablet computers. If you are looking for amazon fire tv then you can explore

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So what makes the Kindle Fire which is different from the old kindle? The first has a 7-inch color screen which is beautifully made of Gorilla glass. This ensures a strong and scratch-resistant screen. Gorilla glass even up to 7 times harder than normal polymers.

This tablet runs on a dual-core processor makes multitasking and switching apps a breeze. Amazon is able to offer such a bargain price because this device is bound into their Eco-system. This means you have direct access to buy ebooks, music, and movies from their catalogs ever-growing.