Management of affiliate networks can be a time-consuming part of your online business. That is why most people use something like the Click Bank affiliate program or Commission Junction, both "full service" affiliate-based sites.

There are benefits to this. All work hard to manage affiliate links, track your affiliate sales and pay your affiliate commissions are all taken care of for you. You can find affiliate program management through

This can be a good way for product owners who are just starting to feel what affiliate marketing can do for them. For serious online businesses, there are some major disadvantages to using this site for the management of your affiliate network.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

In the online world, "affiliate" is a term used to describe someone who offers, promotes, and sells products made by other people. Affiliates are online sales agents, and they can sell anything from books and eBooks to MP3 players to home insurance. Anything sold through the internet can be sold through affiliates.

In affiliate marketing, you are a vendor, someone who has a product to sell, or an affiliate, someone who wants to promote other people's goods. Affiliate commissions can reach 75% for some products, so there must be a lot of money that can be generated online by promoting other people's products.

Effective affiliate network management requires little work. As I mentioned before, starting with one full-service affiliate site is a good way to get your feet wet, but ultimately not the best route for the most serious business owner.

The Right Affiliate Network Management

As a product owner, you already know the most effective way to promote your product and communicating this to your affiliates is very important for your success. Good affiliate program management usually involves several forms of affiliate marketing training.