Statistics have verified that health professionals ("medicos") have the lowest delinquency rate and they have a greater than typical loan size. Why is this important, you might well ask?

It's important because when it comes to getting a house loan, medicos can be found a special bundle. Lenders provide them more advantages, discounts, and special bargains. To find out about mortgage professionals in Lancaster, you can go to

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What's the Use of Medico Loans?

A medico loan isn't only used for purchasing a house. It has several functions. You can use it to buy:

  • Residential properties
  • Owner-occupied dwelling
  • An Investment house
  • Refinance your Current home loan
  • Obtain Cash Outside (Equity Release), or
  • Consolidate your debts

You have to keep in mind that refinancing of operating capital, equipment fund and the other company related loan functions are excluded from medico fund.

Characteristics of Medico Loan

Medico loan is a better choice than the customary house loan due to its attributes. Here are just two important qualities that will induce you to select a medico financing loan bundle.

Special Deals and Reviews

Normally, medical expert makes routine payments. It's because of this that lenders believe them less insecure. Therefore, lenders offer you special deals and huge discounts on house loans. Listed below are a couple of these:

  • Discounted Interest Prices
  • Discounts on Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) or maybe no Mortgage Insurance
  • Easier Loan Approval
  • No Setup Price or Program Expenses
  • No Valuation
  • Particular Rate of Interest for Family Members
  • Easier Cash Outside (Equity Release Policy)