You can smell them, you can see the damage they cause, but you never know why they come around your house, to begin with.

Skunks are interested in green parks, so if you have one or around your property, you have found your answer. Not only does your garden provide delicious food for skunks, it offers a place to stay, which is why they tend to stick around rather than eat and run.

Skunks also explore the lawns and gardens for insects and grubs as their meal. You can also look for wild animal removal service to remove skunks from your property.

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Smells and Aromas

Believe it or not, some smells can prevent skunks from entering your property. Just like humans, some aromas are annoying and unpleasant to skunks.

Skunks do not like citrus fruits such as lemon or lime, thereby scattering the peels around your garden will derail the presence of a skunk.

Also, the skunk will not approach ammonia. Try soaking a cotton ball in ammonia and scattering them around.


Animals attracted to food and shelter, it is as simple as that. Protecting your garden is simply not enough to keep skunks away.

You also have to eliminate all the other attractions on your property, including pet bowls, pet food, squirrel feeders, birdseed, garbage cans, and much more.

Professional Help

It is important to hire a licensed wildlife removal company for secure and gentle skunk control services. They maintain professional training and resources to remove skunk secure and relocate them to safer habitats and far.