Trailed for divorce, modify your divorce judgment, and try to get custody of your children are some of the most common in family law. There are many places you can turn to when looking for a family law attorney.

First, it is important that you consider your situation. Knowing exactly where ever you stand is the first step to finding the best lawyer can represent you in your family law case. For the father, you may want to focus your search on the lawyers who fight for the rights of fathers. You can also hire professional family lawyers via

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If you do not know where to start or need to have someone analyze the scope of your case, get some recommendations from family or friends. Previous clients in the best position to tell you what they like – or dislike – about their lawyers, and you should listen to. They can provide useful advice on what to look for and what to avoid.

Once you've narrowed your search, schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer you feel most suitable for this type of case. Taking the relevant papers with you to the meeting and be prepared to ask questions and get feedback.

 Do not sign any agreement until you are sure you are ready to move forward. Once an agreement is signed and the retainer fee is paid, the lawyer you are ready to start working on your case.