The first product will usually be a free gift to make visitors subscribe to your email list. The top of the funnel is the widest part of the funnel and is also the cheapest place to buy one of your products.

When a customer moves through the clickfunnels affiliated website he interacts with expensive products. Usually, customers will not be allowed to advance through the funnel until they buy a product at the current level.

When they buy each new product, you should encourage them to subscribe to a different list that offers products at a higher price than they buy. You also have to remove the customer from the lower value list so that he only has a choice of products at a higher price.

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This means that customers can take a long time to pass through the funnel, often for several months. When customers have been trapped in a funnel for a while you can offer them higher value products to see if you can start making them buy again. This can sometimes work especially if they have already bought a similar product from another seller and do not need your product.

Or you can ask customers, what problems they face and what they need to learn. When customers move down to the funnel, you must continue to add products to the funnel so that customers will always have something new to buy. Not all customers will continue to buy but you have to make sure there is something to buy if they want.

Some customers will buy every product that you have for sale and if they run out of your product to buy they will go somewhere else and may never return. When a customer has purchased all your information products, you must start selling training courses.